The Android Honeycomb startup screen is awesome.

The startup screen for android honeycomb is pretty awesome, as seen here on a Motorola Xoom.

LG Optimus One coming to Koodo Mobile in Canada

Telus’ sub-branded mobile phone provider, Koodo Mobile, will be releasing their first android phone sometime soon (The exact date is unknown), according to a leaked screenshot of their inventory system. The LG Optimus One itself is a bit of a budget phone, so it should feel right at home with Koodo Mobile, as they are pushing the “budget” factor with their advertising. The LG Optimus One runs Android 2.2, has a 320×480 capacitive touchscreen, 600Mhz processor, 3 megapixel camera, GPS, Wifi, and the Android 2.2 Wifi Hotspot tethering baked in. At a no-contract price of $150-$225, this might just be the best deal Koodo is offering out of any of its phones in terms of the features you get with the Optimus One.

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Honeycomb LG Optimus Tablet coming to MWC 11, Tegra 2 and 3D Display – Canadian Launch?

Known as the G-Slate in the USA, the Optimus Pad (International Name) android Tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb will feature a 3D display and a Tegra 2. A 1280×768 display along with dual cameras on the back for taking 3D pictures should be mighty interesting to say the least. With 32gb of onboard storage, and a 6400mah battery, it should keep you going through the day. One thing Ive hated about Android devices until as of late was the lack of internal storage. Sure, some apps support SD card storage in 2.2 and beyond, but not having to worry about it is a better option then having to manually move apps over to the SD card. The USA version (G-Slate) will hit the shelves in March, with this international version hitting much sooner. Lets hope that some of the Canadian carriers pick it up to replace the Galaxy Tab, which feels more like an oversized phone than a proper tablet…

Google IO 2011 – Registration opens soon!

Its that time of year again… we get a look at what the big G has planned for Android for the next year (as well as all sorts of cool workshops and whatnot that they offer). The Google IO 2011 developer conference is in San Francisco on May 10th and 11th. Registration opens on February 7th. Check out the IO site for more information, along with a neat countdown timer :)

Samsung Google Nexus S in Canada?

Now that the Nexus S has been announced to our friends in the south, when can we expect to get some Samsung Nexus S goodness here in Canada?

My bet would be when a GSM version is released. The upcoming T-Mobile nexus s would be compatible with Wind Mobile’s network on 3G (AWS bands), or, if you can handle it, Rogers with Edge-only data connectivity. Roger’s edge network is terribly slow, I lived with a T-Mobile nexus one on Rogers for 5 months and eventually got fed up with it and purchased a at&t nexus one off eBay. Never again will I use a phone that’s incompatible with my cell provider’s 3G network.

It would be great to see a carrier here in Canada pick up a pure google supported device, as us Canadians still have not had a pure android experience phone yet (The HTC Dream was close, but it was still supported by HTC).

Wind Mobile, would you like to take the plunge? :)

Google can remotly force-uninstall apps

Interesting bit of news floating around today… it turns out Google has the ability to remotely uninstall applications from android devices. I believe they are using this functionality to reduce the impact of malicious applications, so if a developer was to go rouge, they could pull the offending app from the market as well as uninstall the malicious content from everyone who installed it. What I wonder about though, does Google have the power to remove applications that were side-loaded, and not downloaded from the market? Also, what would happen if the app they are removing was a paid app, would the users get a refund? More >

Android 2.2 Froyo OTA Update Rollout to Nexus One

Looks like Google is rolling out an official 2.2 Froyo update to nexus one users. Now, its not apparent if this is just an update for those that used the leaked android build, or if this update will actually roll out to all nexus one users, but it would make sense considering that Google just opened up the Froyo 2.2 source today. I have not yet received this update myself on my Nexus one (T-Mobile Nexus on Rogers), but Ill be sure to keep everyone posted. There’s also a XDA Developers thread that you might want to follow as well.

Motorola Android Upgrade Roadmap

If you’re wondering whats going on with Motorola and their upgrade schedule for their android devices, you can take a look at their upgrade roadmap for the latest info. More >

Android 2.2 Froyo Open sourced

Google just released the source code to android 2.2 “Froyo” today, and it is now available for download via their site. This probably kicks off the countdown to an official build of Froyo as an OTA update for other android phones, such as the Evo 4G and the Nexus One. Head over here for a 2.2 source code download if you’re into cooking your own roms! The 2,2 sdk, which has been available for a while already, can be found here.

Nexus One’s Froyo FRF72 update leaked

Now, don’t get too excited, this isn’t the official froyo update many have been waiting for, but if you were quick to jump the gun and update your TMobile nexus one to the leaked 2.2 update a few weeks ago, there’s now an update released to fix some bugs in that leaked froyo update. This update is NOT meant to be used alone, so do not flash it if you don’t already have the base 2.2 update installed. Not much is known about what the update actually brings to the table, but mentions of better flash support and a faster browser have been thrown around. More >